Photography Mentorships

Embark on a Journey with Me

In the midst of life's busyness, when each day brims with activity, I've discovered the importance of seeking connection with those who can gently guide me back to my true self. It's in these moments that I find the space to focus on the things that truly ignite my heart.

Time and self-care often prove to be elusive gifts we hesitate to grant ourselves. Yet, imagine setting aside dedicated moments on your calendar for inspiration, alongside the supportive presence of a companion who comprehends the delicate balance of nurturing both creativity and a thriving business.

Consider this your passport out of any creative standstill, and a return to the radiant images that emanate from your heart's deepest desires. This yearning for time and the craving for support form the very foundation of my inspiration for mentoring sessions.

While I am undoubtedly an advocate of heeding the call of one's heart, it's worth noting that my unorthodox thinking thrives not only within my individuality, my artistry, or even the photographs I create with clients. Rather, it permeates the essence of my very being.

My family, my mentors, my mentees, and my clients—these relationships cultivate an energy of renewal among us. Together, we serve as reminders of the perseverance required to continue our creative journeys.

A lifetime has been dedicated to nurturing my creativity, a pursuit I imagine you've also embraced in your unique way.

Creativity manifests in our thoughts, in the essence of our lives. It hinges on intention and imagination—a profound aspiration to construct the life we envision.

Through my mentorships, I extend an embodiment of this way of life—a testament to the art of living creatively, with purpose.

Pricing & Packages

Virtual Mentoring

90 minute 1:1 mentoring

We'll cover camera gear & settings, client prep/wardrobe, prompts leading to unscripted movement, editing, etc...
Niche down, automate your business, brand yourself and more. This hour and a half is yours to customize.


In Person 1:1

3.5 Hour 1:1 Mentoring

Let's embark on an immersive journey to hone your skills. We'll meet at your place, mine, or in-between.
We'll cover - camera gear/settings, client prep/wardrobe, prompts, editing, business need-to-knows and more. Customizable.


Virtual + 1:1

90 Virtual | 5 Hour In Person

The extended duration of this 1:1 package encompasses everything included in the other two, and goes a step further by incorporating a live shoot. During the shoot, we'll put into practice all the concepts learned.


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