Hey, I'm Ashlee.

I was introduced to the world of photography by my Dad, a man who was never without his camcorder or camera throughout my entire childhood. He documented all the small moments and every big event - I knew I could count on him to preserve all of our memories. Watching him sparked a passion in me that was like no other. I longed to do what he did. I wanted to be "great" at it. He gave me my first camera when I was about six years old and from then on, he made sure that I always had one... film, disposable, Polaroid, waterproof, and then digital. I more than enjoyed capturing all the small moments from my "little person's" perspective (oh, how I wish I still had those photos!), and that spark of a passion never disappeared as I grew into my teens and beyond.

Now married to an incredible man and a mother to five amazing little people, I am finally at a point in my life where I'm able to pour my heart into my photography again. Life with our children is really what reignited that spark within me and I have spent the last seven years learning and nurturing this life-long hobby of mine. While rediscovering my perspective from behind the lens, that passion has become what a little girl with her first camera always dreamed it would be.

Lifestyle, portraiture, and live music are my favorite settings to work in, but not the only sessions I offer. Getting to be a part of my client's life and illuminating a bit of their journey is everything to me. If you are looking for someone to capture your engagement or wedding, yearly family photos, your children's milestones, band member photos, or live concerts, etc., book your session today! 

I am based out of Vancouver, WA (across the river from Portland, OR), but I am a bit of a travel bug, so if you aren't local to me I may still be able to head out your way! Never hurts to check!


“When Ashlee Boone takes a little hike with you... magical things happen.

You are the bestest, my friend.”

“Ashlee is such an amazing person and is so sweet. Our shoots are always so much fun!”

“Ashlee is someone who will cheer you on in your times of most insecurity and self doubt, making her the best photographer to empower you. She will remind you of your value and puts so much love and attention in her photography and work with other people. She is worth anything, because she's simply priceless. I have had the best experiences being photographed by Ashlee and am always impressed by her.”

“So thankful to my amazing neighbor and friend that is so talented for this beautiful photo shoot!!! A day after our daughter Ellen's angelversary was scheduled our photo shoot and I had no clue how I'm going to get myself together for it, but truly the timing could not have been any better.... Ashlee, thank you for making me feel like a princess and for this priceless memory!”

“We have had the opportunity to work with Ashlee Boone twice and each time has been a positive experience in the best possible way. She understands how to set up a shot while putting you at ease so it doesn't feel forced when in front of the camera. Her style captures the emotion of the moment so effortlessly, you feel like each picture tells a story. Communication throughout the entire process of scheduling, shooting, and getting final edits was very quick and impressive. Highly recommend, will hire again!”

“ABP recently took portrait photos for our band Head the Hive. The band was a little nervous about this. We are notorious for taking terrible photos... but after getting the shots back from Ashlee, we were shocked at how great they turned out! The shoot was incredibly fun. Ashlee has great ideas for locations; it really took the stress off of us. It was a relaxed shoot, but she also knew just when to give us direction. The photos are mind-blowing, and we are so grateful for Ashlee!”

“Ashlee's been an active part of our story for the last year. One of the best decisions we've made as a band is to bring her in to document our journey. She comes to [almost] every show and has gone on two tours with us down the West Coast. She being there just makes our efforts all-the-more worth it. Evidence for the world to see that we are dedicated to our music and to our art. She sees our passion, captures it, and shares that with humanity in her own unique way.

... Game changer.”

“Working with Ashlee was easier than I ever imagined working with a photographer could be. You feel like you're just hanging out and spending time with a friend, except that friend then delivers a bunch of photos of you and your hunny that make you cry and smile like a big goofball. The photos she delivered were gorgeous, real images that truly captured the essence of my relationship with my fiancé. He never posts on instagram, but he posted her photo of us! He loves them too. We were extremely impressed...”

“[Ashlee Boone] is incredibly creative and captures such raw emotion!

Grateful for [her].”

“We both want to say how amazing you are and how much we love you! Thank you so much for helping set up the engagement and for being so sweet and reassuring because he was super nervous. We both are so happy we met you when we did because you are undoubtedly the perfect person to be a part of all this. We are so grateful for you.”

“Ashlee Boone Photography recently took Live Photos for our band, Head the Hive, and we could not be happier with the experience and the results. Ashlee and her husband were prepared and professional, but also FUN! They even brought a smoke machine to our gig. The photos from that show turned out beyond amazing.
If you are considering getting photos of any kind done by ABP, stop considering and BOOK THE SHOOT NOW! It is worth it!”

“I needed a break from my work a few weeks ago. I was looking for some new inspiration, and then I met Ashlee... she was so inspiring! I'm glad that I was able to work with her because more than anything her work gave me strength and power... freeing myself...”

“Utterly gorgeous photos by such a talented photographer... I can't wait to print these for our new place and my new office!”

“Rad snaps and dope images! \m/”

“I am just amazed at all the talent that comes through in all of your work. I had so much fun doing this and am feeling inspired again. Thank you for capturing and sharing with me these extraordinary images!”

“Ashlee Boone killed it on our photos. Thanks a ton, Ashlee!

Hit her up if you're in the PDX area and looking for quality photos!”